Impressive 4-Year-Old Girl Has Already Read 1,000 Books And Is Inspiring Kids All Over The World

It has been proven that reading is good for the mind. It not only expands your way of thinking but it stimulates your brain and expands your knowledge of the world and the things around you. This is why it is so vital that kids start reading at an early age. Today, we are focusing on a precious little girl named Daliyah Arana who is just four years old. What makes Daliyah so incredible? She's already read 1,000 books and she is only four! That's a pretty amazing accomplishment for someone so young in less than two years. Her mother says she started to read when she was just two years old, right before her third birthday. She now reads between five to seven books every single day! That's more than most adults read in a month! Also, she already has her very own library card to her local library in Gainesville Georgia. Daliyah says, "I like to check out books every day. And I want to teach other kids to read at an early age, too." So sweet and inspiring! Her mother, Haleema Arana, says she decided to sign Daliyah up for a 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Club when she realized how much her daughter loved to read. Daliyah didn't just accomplish this goal but she managed to do it before she even entered pre-school. So amazing! On top of that, she achieved something else that is mind-blowing for someone her age. Her mother wrote to the Library of Congress telling her daughter's story and passion for books. Her mom says, "I thought, why not enhance her experience and get her in the largest library in the world?" She sent them an email telling of her accomplishments and that she had appeared in the local newspaper and the local news already in Georgia. They responded immediately and invited Daliyah to come. She served as the first Librarian for a Day! She also got a tour from Carla Hayden who is the first African-American woman to run that library. While she was there, she, of course, was given a great deal of books to add to her reading list! Daliyah's mother says, "My main hope is that she would inspire other children to read." The Library of Congress decided to continue the Librarian of the Day program for kids under 16 to encourage them to read more and make the library more accessible for these people. Now, read this inspiring story about this incredible teenager who helped an elderly woman in need when nobody else would. Also, check out this young woman who created a vet clinic that cares for homeless people's dogs.