Two Babies Are Cured From Leukemia With New Gene-Editing Technique…Could This Be The End Of Cancer?

In case you haven't heard the amazing news, two young children were recently cured of cancer with a brand new treatment that recently hit the market. This treatment involves genetic engineering. Keep reading to find out more about it. Two little ones both had incurable forms of leukemia. It was all thanks to gene-editing therapy that they no longer have to worry about their lives being cut short because of this disease. It was recently reported in the journal Science Translational Medicine that the two girls are now completely free of cancer. Here’s a little info on how it worked. The gene-editing genetically engineered white blood cells which gave the children’s bodies the ability to target those cancerous cells that were killing them. It was said that the molecular remissions were successfully achieved in both infants in just 28 days. In just one month’s time, the girls are showing no signs of having acute lymphocytic leukemia. This exact technique was previously used by different drug companies. However, in the past the white blood cells that were engineered were extracted from those patients who were going through cancer treatments. What makes this particular case so special is that the killer cells were taken from donors who were healthy and then given to younger patients to help attack those cancerous cells. The amazing news is that the treatment was successful and those two previously sick little ones now have a chance to live! While the treatment was carried out at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, the treatment was created by Cellectis which is a French Biotech firm. The hope is that this therapy will become a universal treatment to help cure cancer for many around the world. Now, read this story about a homeless man who had cancer and his last and final wish was to find a loving home for his precious dog. What a heartbreaking story! Also, read about the amazing thing Kylie Jenner did for her close friend when she found out her father died of cancer. What she did is absolutely heartwarming.