Bride Thinks Her First Dance Is Ruined But Her Husband Has A Breathtaking Surprise That She’ll Never Forget

As you probably know, a bride's wedding day is something that only comes around once in a lifetime...well, at least that is the hope when you get married! The bride is typically overwhelmed with a lot of things to plan and think about to make that day special. You must think about the details, including what song you will dance to for your first dance. A bride named Melissa carefully thought about this and finally came to a decision on what song the newlywed couple would dance to. She shared her idea with her husband-to-be Brad and he loved it! She decided they would dance to a song by her favorite country star of all time... The song she chose was "Like There's No Yesterday" by Mark Wills. What she didn't know is making that decision would end up bringing forth one of the best and most memorable moments of her life. Keep reading to find out what happens and how her husband surprised her on this special day! In the video you will watch at the end of this article, you see Brad and Melissa start dancing to an audio recording of the song she chose. They look so happy and in love as they start dancing around the room. However, that special moment is quickly ended when they experience a "technical difficulty..." Suddenly the music just stops and you hear the DJ come on the mic and apologize. He says that they seem to be having some technical difficulties but not to worry...there is a keyboard player ready to take over. Melissa doesn't seem to suspect anything at that time. They continue dancing as the keyboard player starts the song over. That's when Melissa hears a very familiar voice start to sing her favorite song. The moment she hears it she quickly turns around and starts screaming. She can't believe it but her husband managed to get the real Mark Wills there on their wedding day to sing this special song for them! What an incredible surprise! Watch the amazing video below. You have to see the bride's face when she realizes Mark Wills is actually there! Be sure to also check out this article about a dad who opens a huge gift box not knowing what is inside. He discovers his daughter he hasn't seen in 10 years is right before him! Also, read this story about an adopted girl who gives all of her money to her neighbor's in need.