The Chick Who Began, “Saggy Boobs Matter” Is Getting Roasted Online

There's a powerful force surrounding women's rights and empowerment in the media today. Everyone is screaming to be heard, to be noticed, and not to be expected to look a certain way. Women everywhere have had enough of the Photoshop in the tabloids and are demanding their bodies be seen as sensational as well. The latest hashtag to sort of set trails ablaze like that is one referring to the breasts, #SaggyBoobsMatter. 23-year-old award-winning British blogger Chidera Eggerue (The Slumflower) is taking a stand and making it clear that Saggy Boobs Matter.


All she hopes to do is reassure other women that it’s perfectly normal for your breasts to droop! The Instagram star, from London, defied body shaming trolls to share the honest snap. She uploaded a variety of photos of herself, including one that bared her bust in a plunging grey top, showing off her boobs and proud!

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