Sex Expert Tracey Cox Reveals The Secrets For A Perfect Foreplay Session

When it comes to foreplay, a lot of us, both men and women need a helping hand or hands. It's okay to admit it, but why not read up on some expertise and nail it right away? While foreplay and the actual sex itself are highly important, there are so many other things that turn women on instantly. Think back to when you met each other. The first few dates, particularly the ones before you've had intercourse - are one, long, deliciously exciting foreplay session. For new couples, this is what surrounds most of your time together. Here are some tips on how to blow their socks off the first time, or the 200th time according to Tracey Cox.

The Sun

CHAMPAGNE. No, really, stay with me on this one. You probably haven’t got the budget to unload bottles of Cristal over your lady. But top-drawer champ isn’t required to inject a little extra fizz into proceedings.

“Most chardonnay grapes have been shown to replicate the smell of human pheromones, so any sparkling Blanc de Blancs wine works just as well,” says Tracey.

What’s more, a recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found regularly consuming a glass or two of champagne dilates your blood vessels and improves circulation, protecting you against heart disease. Don’t douse your woman like you’re trying to put out a fire. “Take turns to dribble rather than pour into the grooves of each other’s bodies and the experience will be far more sensual,” says Tracey Cox.

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